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US intelligence is closely monitoring Kim Jong Un’s condition

US intelligence is closely monitoring Kim Jong Un’s condition

US intelligence is closely monitoring Kim Jong Un’s condition and stubborn rumours that his condition is critical following complicated heart surgery. Another source told CNN that the United States is closely monitoring the tyrant’s health, after it missed April 15, his grandfather’s birthday celebrations, which are an important national holiday in the country, raising questions about his health four days before, He was observed at a government meeting.

Another source from the US administration said that concern about Kim’s health was justified, but the severity of the situation was difficult to assess.

An outgoing newspaper in South Korea, focusing on the North related issues, reported that Kim underwent heart surgery on April 12. The heart surgery was followed by “heavy smoking, obesity and multiple works” and that he was transferred to a secluded villa in a rural area after assessing that Kim’s condition improved, medical teams, left for Pyongyang the capital on April 19. But now the source cannot be independently verified.

A South Korean source told CNN last night that the country’s top leadership is well aware of reports about the health condition of the North Korean leader, as well as his obesity and over-smoking, but made it clear they were waiting for more information.

A press release from the Korean president, the “Blue House,” said that no unusual signs were identified from the north and that they could not confirm reports of Kim’s health. To date, no response has been provided by the South Korean Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials are in touch with North Korean affairs experts to discuss a possible course of action and scenarios, a source said.

The situation is still dull, as gathering intelligence from North Korea is a very complicated matter, due to the country’s isolation. The dictatorship maintains secrecy around its leader and worshipping it is like a supreme god.

His lack of media appearances has ignited the rumour surrounding his health and because North Korea has no free press, analysts are also forced to rely on the outgoing government media and propaganda films, looking for clues.

However, recently there was no mention of Kim Jong Un in the celebration of his grandfather Kim Il Sung, a very unusual thing.

Kim Jong
Conflicting sources, but stubborn rumours of complicated heart surgery (Photo: ABC)

Analysts are unsure of Kim’s absence from the country’s important holiday on April 15, but in previous instances, such an absence of such senior holiday leaders has often signalled important developments, but it has also happened that these assumptions have ended.

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“There have been rumours recently about Kim Jong Un’s health. If Kim was hospitalized, that would explain his lack of birthday celebrations, but over the years there have been a number of false rumours about Kim’s health (and his father’s, at the time), we will have to wait And see, ”said Bruce Klingner, a former deputy head of the North Korean affairs department at the CIA and currently a senior research associate at the Heritage Foundation.

Kim Jong Il’s absence from the military parade on the state’s 60th Independence Day in 2008 also created a rumour about his health. He returned with a walking stick, and a few days later South Korean intelligence reported that Kim Sr. had undergone a cyst removal.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump said South Korea-US relations were “excellent,” but added he would like to pay more for the US presence in the region. The states were rejected because of the Corona virus.


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