PML-N selects Nawaz Sharif leader of PML-(N) as candidate for Prime Minister of Pakistan position In upcoming Elections. During a recent event, PML-N leader Ishaq Dar highlighted the significant point that Nawaz Sharif’s period of disqualification officially concluded on July 26. In a recent interview earlier in the week, the former Prime Minister had underlined that Nawaz Sharif is preparing to make his return to Pakistan in the upcoming month of September. During this return, he intends to address the pending court cases he faces.

Candidate for Prime Minister of Pakistan:

Nawaz Sharif’s strategic approach to his return becomes more apparent through his plans. He mentioned in an interview with a private television channel that his itinerary involves a trip to London after the formation of the caretaker government. There, he aims to engage in discussions with his brother, focused on charting a comprehensive plan for his anticipated return to Pakistan. This proactive step displays commitment to legal matters and a strategic re-entry to the country.

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The Prime Minister announced that Nawaz would lead his party’s election campaign. Should PML-N secure victory, Nawaz could potentially claim the prime minister’s position for the fourth time. After prior conviction, Nawaz sought medical treatment in London in 2019 and has stayed there since. Recently, his presence in Dubai ignited discussions in the media, prompting speculation about his return to Pakistan.

A noteworthy aspect to highlight is Nawaz’s conviction in the cases of Al-Azizia and Aveinfeild Apartment. NAB initiated these legal matters in response to the significant global event, Panama Papers investigation. Despite these convictions, it’s important to mention that Nawaz’s appeals are presently awaiting resolution in the appropriate judicial forums.

This highlights legal complexity and accentuates Nawaz’s serious predicament. As the legal deliberations unfold, the nation’s attention remains focused on the outcome and potential impact on the political landscape.


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