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Herbs for Corona: Effective or Dangerous?

Herbs for Corona: Effective or Dangerous?

herbs for corona

A group of researchers are looking into a natural cure for the virus, meanwhile, other experts warn that this is an unmarked medical area.

People have always used herbs to treat viruses and infectious diseases such as cold, flu and even herpes. One of the problems is that in the United States the quality of the plants is not always the highest. Also, if the plants are used incorrectly, they can cause an immune response.

While scientists around the world continue to search for a cure for the corona virus, Chinese health experts have begun recommending alternative treatments for the virus – using traditional herbs.

Using herbs is not a new idea. For thousands of years, plants such as liquorice, ginger and ephedra have been used to treat respiratory illnesses like influenza and pneumonia. Herbs such as Porsitia have been tested against the SARS virus, and have been found to be somewhat effective in laboratory tests. Meanwhile, medical experts warn that there is still insufficient information on the use of medicinal plants to treat the corona virus.

Professor Jeffrey Langland of the University of Arizona leads a group of researchers to find herbal-based treatment for the Corona virus. The team examines 30 herbs and their properties in an antiviral context.

Langland hopes the treatment will be found, but says it will take time to get results, adding “Even for the efficient plants, we want to be thorough in ruling out any kind of toxicity they may have, examining the quality of extraction, not throwing things at people who may be unsafe, and just like Any cure, we won’t rush it. ”

But there are also side effects, for example, liquorice, one of the drugs recommended by medical officials in China is an effective treatment for the herpes virus but also with a significant drawback, “it can activate the aldosterone hormone that causes fluid retention and hypertension” says Dr Gersh In medicinal plants.

One of the biggest problems is that many herbs are of low quality, “in many products it’s just a mix of different plants” “It may have harmful properties,” Gersh said.

Do not experiment with medicinal plants if you are infected with the corona virus


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If you are considering trying herbs to treat the virus, remember that we do not fully understand the risks and benefits, the way the plant works in one person’s body can be quite different in another person, depending on their health, age, and symptoms.

If you are curious about a herbal remedy it is best to consult a doctor or a naturopath who is proficient in the various plants and their properties, and Gersh adds, “I do not support that people start taking all kinds of products without knowing what is in them.”

The bottom line

Health experts in China recommend traditional herbal remedies for the corona virus, but many experts warn that we do not have enough information about the virus to understand how it will affect it.

Although there may be a herbal treatment for the virus, at this moment such treatment has no scientific basis, and now is not the time to start doing independent experiments with the virus.

“It should be taken into account that there is currently no relevant knowledge about the Corona virus, and who knows what a child will be,” emphasizes Dr. Felicia Gersh, director and co-founder of Integrative Medicine at Irvine, Southern California.

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