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Hidden Facts About Covid-19 Pandemic

Hidden Facts About Covid-19 Pandemic


These are the facts that the media in the world did not tell you For the past three months, the world has been in a state of disinformation – only recently the fog between what we have been told and what happened is really starting to dissipate. Shortening the history of the Corona

The corona epidemic, the details are known so far:

December – After what appears to be a mass epidemic in Wuhan city of China, the authorities are destroying the virological laboratory documents located in that city, including data on laboratory experiments on animals in various variants of the SARS virus from 2014-2020. At the same time, WHO and CDC members seeking to enter the lab space in December 2019 (which has already been “brushed”) receive incorrect information about how and how the virus spread – while Chinese officials say the virus is not transmitted between humans. Likewise, the market in Wuhan, considered at the epidemiological level to be a “crime scene,” also undergoes thorough cleaning, and Chinese doctors are also instructed to remove any “unverified” knowledge in their possession. The penalty for refusal? Detention or concentration camp.

January – News from independent Western media outlets warns that a significant epidemic has erupted in China. Until January 21, the name Wuhan doesn’t even make headlines. At the same time, independent journalists report that civilians have been kidnapped from the street, only on January 22, when Wuhan is closed, and rumours of lies in relation to the number of dead and the spread of the virus continues.

The first tragic turn began in late January

As China continues to allow hundreds of thousands of Corona patients to leave its territory to the heart of the western cities of Europe and the United States while simultaneously preventing flights within its territory to protect its population – it defends itself domestically and makes its innocent citizens less than biological weapons aimed at The West listening to the advice of the World Health Organization (whose proximity to China we have yet to investigate). February – At this stage, intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom and the United States are likely to receive documents indicating that a series of experiments that were carried out in the virological lab carried out experiments that exceeded the medical protocol and included questionable safety procedures. Also, the United States, against the WHO recommendation, stops inbound flights from China At the same time, Europe continues to receive thousands of Chinese citizens every day

Here comes the second tragic turnaround – these civilians will be the source of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Europe, which will eventually hit New York City and the US East Coast.

The bottom line – Europe listening to the World Health Organization listening to China has caught up with the US.

March – The epidemic gets worse, China begins sending defective medical equipment to all western countries, destroying existing US medical equipment. This is at the same time as a PR campaign in which it shows a friendly turn where it helps the world. – The American media continues to criticize the president, the Israeli media is engaged in political criticism as well. Significant serious or in-depth discussion of how we came to this situation?

April – Daily Mail investigation: The virus leaked from a lab. Two days later, Sky News reveals: That’s how the World Health Organization hit an effort to stop the plague in January following Chinese pressure.

Those are the facts.

Indeed, in the Chinese fraud chain (which is, of course, only the tip of our forks), something annoying and infuriating, but the preventive media networks know that something must be done with justified anger and because in the global era, other countries should not be angry. The Israeli or American must be angry with someone, and it would be better for someone like Trump and Bibi, the “lovers” of the media.

The fact that China lied about the source of the virus I already knew in February, why I was afraid to publish? Because I was waiting for official sources, in retrospect I might have to act differently. Even on the destruction of the documents, I could only speculate that this is exactly what communist dictatorships do.

We wrote about the CDC scam in February. We were also alerted about the death tolls far higher than the official figures. Like the diabolical tactic on the one hand, stopping traffic within China, but on the other hand, authorizing China’s citizens to travel worldwide while threatening the World Health Organization to make the decision, we were also the first to report on a Hebrew-speaking website, and we defined this step as an act of biological warfare- Financially.

At the same time, I was not looking to produce a narrative, the questions I referred not to those who closed the economy in an attempt to deal with the plague, but who caused it to close and turned it into a biological tool against you, against your community, and against your families.

This line-writer is a historian in his education, oriented to the dry objective truth, although in these cases it is juicy than usual.

For me, even if a Democrat were sitting in the White House, and even if Balfour Street was a center-left man, the responsibility for the dire situation in our global world must be demanded first. I also hope that the US President will have the courage and power to do so while the world is recovering from the severe epidemic he has known for a century.

But what I was trying to do, while listening to everything coming out of Australia and the US in the English language, the media feed from the state news agencies, did not want to do. On this, they wanted to talk about other things, in Israel these were certain populations (ultra-Orthodox, Arabs) in the US, it was President Trump who was criticized after eliminating the budget for the WHO that defied the world.

The media, rather than trying to tell us what happened between December 2019 and April 2020, in what the Chinese government created to spread the virus across the globe as an “economic political tool against the West,” according to Professor Gordon Chang, turned the fight against Western states.


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What is the reason for this? The simple answer is that the Chinese president does not run the political hegemony in their country, but Trump and Netanyahu do. And so instead of giving readers the truth, preference is given to talking and writing about the (strictly speaking) behavior of Netanyahu and Trump, rather than providing the people in their homes with the truth about how we got to this situation from Beer Sheva to San Francisco, the whole world is closed.

We were the first to publish a scientific omission in the Hebrew press, about two hours from the publication of the London Daily Mail’s debriefing, and many days before the rest of the Hebrew and American media in general considered it appropriate to give the public the truth in these difficult days.

Two days later, we unveiled to our readers other investigative findings that pointed to a series of failures and rendering attempts that the World Health Organization had already made in January, and its fateful decision to recommend a flight and transit of goods between China and the rest of the world – under Chinese pressure – a decision that cost hundreds of thousands of people A person in Europe and the US, and tens of trillions of dollars, and also in the closure we are in last month.

At the same time, this does not preclude responsibility from the US and Israeli governments. This author, who is not necessarily one of the president’s critics, also argued that the US should close Chinese nationals as early as January 2020, President Mian does the same for banning entry of European citizens whom I recommended as early as February and that were only accepted late, and in the process, the government’s steps were better than bad. And in Israel, despite the criticism of the harsh closure policy, the data speak for themselves.

What is certain, right now, is that Trump and Netanyahu are not really willing to admit. After the epidemic they will already tell us everything, at least we can hope so.

For one thing, China, like the US media, is good at one thing – to hide the reality from us.

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