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Documents Uncovering Terrible Suspect Revealed

Documents Uncovering Terrible Suspect Revealed

Wuhan Corona

After being leaked to the British daily, the documents point to a series of experiments performed on bats and pigs injected with various variants of the original SARS virus that may have led to the current mutation in the virus that spread from Wuhan to the entire world.

The recent Wuhan Central Laboratory is under suspicion of uncontrolled conduct and has been experimenting with bats from the same cave that scientists believe are the bats that came to the seafood market in Wuhan as the source of the deadly epidemic, according to documents revealed this morning (London Daily Mail).

The documents reached by the Steward Mail system indicate that the Wuhan Virological Institute has been conducting experiments on wild animals from the Wuhan area brought to the laboratory, including bats and pigs, the tragic ‘twist’ in the story – a significant portion of funding for these experiments came from a US government grant of 3.7 One million dollars.

Institute of Virology in Wuhan (Photo: Daily Mail)

Deciphering the genetic code of the COIVD-19 virus several months ago showed that the source of the outbreak was found in bats in Yunnan Province, now it turns out that the laboratory in the central city of Wuhan was directly involved in genetic manipulations that included injecting SARS virus variation on bats from the region It.

Sources in the UK government have confirmed to the Daily Mail that the “scientific balance” tends to start with the outbreak of the virus, but now the bats from this area do not appear to be “pure” bats.

One of the Western sources close to the Virology Institute in China also claims that the virus itself may have spread to humans already in the laboratory area before one of the bats reached the infamous seafood market.

The uncovered documents revealed the results of a 2017 study titled: “The discovery of a large genetic reserve of the SARS virus in bats provides new insights into the origin of the SARS virus.” This experiment was described as “bats in the cave in Yunnan China were sampled for the virus and sampled in the laboratory.


bats in wuhan

Bats have been linked to several local epidemics in recent decades (Photo: Daily Mail)

A series of experiments was conducted between April 2011 and October 2015, in various bats’ natural habitats, throughout Yunnan Province. In another study published in April 2018, and in another 2016 study in which pigs experimented, pigs also appeared to have a virus derived from bats that stayed in a controlled laboratory environment after being removed from the natural caves.

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Meanwhile, the seafood market theory received an even more serious appeal after Chao between a doctor from Jinitan Hospital stressed in his study that 13 of the 41 patients diagnosed in early stages of the virus did not come into contact with the market at all, thus making it possible that the outbreak may not be homogeneous.

The 15-mile viral lab is suspected of being one of the animals that underwent the corona virus trial and was sold to the nearby seafood market, and the virus has also reached humans.

U.S. Congressman Matt Geitz responded by saying, “I am disgusted to know that for years the U.S. government has funded dangerous and cruel experiments on animals that may have led to the spread of the epidemic.

The London Embassy responded that it was “irresponsible and rash charges“.

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