Purportedly, a revealing diary associates Bushra Bibi, the former first lady and wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, with a significant influence over Imran Khan’s politics and personal matters.


After arresting her husband on August 5 for allegedly misusing his 2018-2022 premiership to trade state gifts obtained during overseas trips, amounting to over Rs140 million ($635,000), this development follows Bushra Bibi’s recent visit to him while he is incarcerated. Bushra Bibi’s diary hints at her significant role in Imran Khan’s politics, including decisions on diet and legal strategies.

The diary indicates Bushra Bibi’s involvement in decisions involving pressure tactics on the judiciary, military, and government. Additionally, it outlines plans for potential situations like the imposition of governor’s rule, advocating for strategic responses.

Moreover, it highlights her influence on legal matters, directing conversations between Khan and lawyers. The diary aims for positive court verdicts by creating a public narrative and leveraging renowned lawyers.

The diary also offers insights into Khan’s daily routine, prescribing Kahwa, juice, and honey upon waking, fish/meat/kebab for lunch with vitamins, and milk at midnight.

However, PTI denies any connection between Bushra Bibi and the diary, labeling it an attempt to divert attention from larger issues of governance and constitutional concerns. The party emphasizes the public’s ultimate judgment.

Imran Khan’s politics revealed in Bushra Bibi’s diary ‘doesn’t belong to Bushra Bibi’:

PTI firmly denies diary link to Bushra Bibi, stating she’s unconnected and not confirming its content. Additionally, the spokesperson termed it a failed distraction from governance problems, criticizing actions against Constitution and law. However, they emphasized that such attempts wouldn’t deter public judgment. Despite these claims, the controversy continues to generate discussions.



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