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At least half of the corona cases reported these new symptoms

At least half of the corona cases reported these new symptoms


A new study has shown that many of the patients in Corona have severe nerve symptoms including dizziness, vague recognition, and headaches, whether it is the immune system response or something more serious, unknown. The corona virus is known to be primarily responsible for the respiratory tract, but recently a new study has been published that claims at least half of the patients reported a series of neurological problems including dizziness, headaches and partial recognition, according to a study published last night.

A study by several researchers in Wuhan China examined the symptoms in about 214 patients and found that at least half of them had neurological problems. At least one-third of all patients – in severe and non-severe cases – have seizures and ataxia, a neurological disease that causes fragmented speech and falls. Others suffered from sensory problems such as loss of taste and sense of smell.

At the same time, another symptom is a feeling of electric chill on the skin, Tarana Burke, one of the founders of the MiT movement, reported that “my skin felt like burning.” Doctors, however, seek to reassure and claim that skin symptoms are not very common and are part of the immune response to the virus.

Corona New Symptoms

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Dr. Daniel Griffin, head of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Pro-Heath Clinic, claims that “it is a dermal symptom, but we do not know how common it is, but if the skin feels electrical, it may also be a symptom resulting from a high fever.” “This is not a symptom described yet, the human body is an amazing machine and if you keep the rules of isolation, and the medical instructions, those symptoms will also pass.”

One of the recommendations for treating this symptom is to apply aloe vera paste to the affected area and rest.

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